evan_andEB (2)

“I’m afraid this is the best marmalade I’ve ever had.”

– Dmitri

“The Best Jam EVER. I just bought my first jar of your jam tonight at Otto’s Market in Germantown. Otto said it was the best jam ever, and it IS.”

– Patty

”[Y]our jam is the best store bought jam I ever found….I am French, I love food and know what I am talking about….No need to have my suitcase full of jams when I come back from France every summer now. Thanks for your hard work.”

– Aurelia

“The only thing better than homemade scones is slathering them with EB’s homemade Meyer lemon marmalade!”

– Kelley

“Served at our crazy football party to go with the smelly French cheese!!! LUV!!”

– Lydia

“Thank you for making the Quince Jam! I am officially addicted and might need to hoard your entire supply. Hold me back!”

– Lisa

“The quince jam is excellent with freshly made honey whole wheat bread!”

– Jeannine

”[W]e received our order today, opened the blackberry and ate half the jar before dinner. Delicious! We did that with the blueberry this summer too. We have too many favorites now!”

– Jennie

“I finished grapefruit last night. With a spoon. No shame.”